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His next move took him across the country to California, where he soon found work with Roger Miller . His work in the late 1960s and early 1970s can also be heard on many records outside of the country genre, such as that of Gram Parsons , the Carpenters and Ray Charles . He also played the famous steel riff on Judy Collins ’ recording of “Someday Soon.” Emmons returned to Nashville in the mid-1970s and would remain one of the most imitated players of his time. He spent 10 years playing for the Everly Brothers and was inducted into the Steel Guitar Hall of Fame in 1981. In later years, he did some session work with Price, Willie Nelson and Johnny Bush, and also was an occasional player on Garrison Keillor’s Prairie Home Companion .

Try to think of something you are passionate about besides music and pedal steel, and see how you can apply it to your instrument and playing it. Do you enjoy restoring old cars? Then chances are you’d be great at restoring a vintage pedal steel. Do you enjoy playing golf? How can the physics and technique behind that sport relate to the technical aspects of playing the pedal steel guitar. Put a golf ball on your practice stand for inspiration and ideas.

Tom Bradshaw coined the term Copedent, and wrote about it in the ’70’s. Why not a credit to him mentioned here?

Buddy Emmons (1937-2015) was a preeminent pedal steel guitar player whose versatile style graced countless recordings. His early career was spent as a stage performer with Little Jimmy Dickens, Ernest Tubb, and Ray Price. His list of studio credits, covered a wide variety of styles and genres, everything from Ray Charles to George Strait. His pedal steel innovations included adding two "chromatic" strings to the instrument as well as the "split pedal" set up. He was an integral part of both the Sho-Bud and Emmons Steel Guitar companies. Gruhn Guitars is proud to present a selection of Buddy's personal instruments for sale.

Buddy Emmons - Steel GuitarBuddy Emmons - Steel GuitarBuddy Emmons - Steel GuitarBuddy Emmons - Steel Guitar